The Importance of Being a Scholar
The Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Chi Chapter realizes that students enroll in college to earn an education and to improve their futures. Consistent with this philosophy, Pike places a high priority on scholarship and educating our members on all aspects of life. Through minimum G.P.A standards, mentor programs, study tables and Pike University educational seminars, members are equipped for success within the classroom and, subsequently, later in life. Pi Kappa Alpha members also enjoy substantial academic benefits provided by the Educational Foundation.

Today, there is a need for college students to differentiate themselves from the common rabble. Academic excellence is key to success in the future. From day one, Pi Kappa Alpha provides the resources and support that our members need to be as successful as possible.

Members are dedicated to academic success and we strive to improve on our chapter GPA every semester. With brothers in nearly every major at the university, the potential for help and advice we provide to one another is unparalleled.


Recent Statistics

  • 3.295 Chapter Average GPA in the Spring of 2016
  • 3.24 Chapter Average GPA in the Fall of 2015
  • 3.18 Chapter Average GPA in the Spring of 2015
  • 3.13 Chapter Average GPA in the Fall of 2014
  • 3.14 Chapter Average GPA in the Spring of 2014
  • 3.11 Chapter Average GPA in the Fall of 2013
  • 3.28 Chapter Average GPA in the Spring of 2013
  • 3.21 Chapter Average GPA in the Fall of 2012
  • 3.10 Chapter Average GPA in the Spring of 2012
  • 30% of our members were on the deans list and 15% in honors in 2009


The Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation offers over $165,000 to our undergraduate members through more than 120 national and local scholarship programs.  Below are just a few examples of some of the scholarships that are available to all of our members:

  • The Robertson Most Outstanding Undergraduate Award
  • The R. Craig Hoenshell Honor Society Award
  • Pike University Scholarships for every chapter
  • Paid tuition to the Boulder Outdoor Survivor School
  • Over 100 local scholarships through chapter endowments

“Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.” 
– Dr. Stephen R. Covey (Utah, Alpha Tau ’50), Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People