Why Join PIKE?

What is Pi Kappa Alpha? Pi Kappa Alpha is a general, secret, social college fraternity.  With the purpose of fostering friendship, leadership and community involvement, Pi Kappa Alpha is one of North America's premier fraternities. Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to:

  • Scholastic Excellence
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Athletic Competition
  • Service to Community
  • Success Beyond the Undergraduate Years
  • Lifetime Friendships 


Joining a fraternity is a personal decision that only you can make.  Many people join a fraternity for the social aspects.  Joining the Greek system will mean gaining access to a whole network of friends and opportunities that one does not get without joining.  The Greek system is filled with individuals in dozens of fields of interests and majors.  Greeks are members of virtually every organization on campus and in many cases, leaders and/or presidents of these organizations.

Membership in Pi Kappa Alpha gives students the opportunity to make the most of their college experience.  Perhaps the best opportunity that Pi Kappa Alpha provides is the ability to cultivate a socially superior man.

Pi Kappa Alpha challenges its members to be the pillars of integrity and beacons of success on their college campuses and within their communities.  Pikes experience what it means to be involved and responsible individuals who promote community services, active campus involvement, and high standards of academic achievement.

Most importantly, Pi Kappa Alpha provides an opportunity to set yourself apart.  Whether it's on the athletic field, in the classroom or in campus leadership positions, Pi Kappa Alpha will have a presence.

Pi Kappa Alpha has achieved its success by attracting the highest quality individuals.  The men who represent PIKE have made the decision to make the most of their college careers.  From the youngest person ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor to countless CEOs and United States Congressmen, Pi Kappa Alpha members have set themselves apart.

The challenge is to hold yourself to a higher standard, to stand out and make the most of the opportunities the college experience presents.  Competition, pride and superior organization drive the members of Pi Kappa Alpha to hold themselves to a higher standard - often, the results are historic.

College is what you make of it; the competitive edge drives Pi Kappa Alpha to lead the fraternity world, and individuals to accomplish great things.  Men who want to get the most out of their experience at the University of Minnesota and life, should consider the many benefits of Pi Kappa Alpha.

If you have questions or would like more information about joining Pi Kappa Alpha, please fill out an interest form!  We will respond to you as soon as possible.

My Experience Joining PIKE


Jason Lambert:   I joined PIKE my first semester at the University of Minnesota. I was looking to make as many friends as I could when I first came to college and, due to my dorm situation, I just wasn't meeting enough people. When I started coming around PIKE during formal recruitment, I began to know a lot of the guys, learn about PIKE's values, and discover what PIKE was about. I truly felt like it was a good place where I could make great friends and positively impact my college experience. PIKE seemed like it was a chapter that was heavily involved in the community and prided itself on many of the same ideals that I try and live by every day. It has helped me meet other students on campus who I connect with and with whom I share similar interests. It has allowed me to take advantage of research opportunities, academic resources, leadership positions, student groups, and volunteer opportunities. I would not have been able to further my potential on this same scale if I had not become a member of PIKE. Installing these moral ideals in me and providing me with lifelong friendships is more than I could have ever asked for when I first came to college. Joining PIKE was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Christian Wachter:     I joined PIKE in the fall of my sophomore year. I was hesitant to join my freshmen year because of the commitment I made with Air Force R.O.T.C. and didn't want to overwhelm myself. After I had a year under my belt I felt confident I could find a good balance between PIKE, the Air Force, and my Aerospace Engineering academics. It didn't come easy though. Joining my sophomore year proved to be a tough time because the Air Force became more demanding as I spent the entire school year preparing myself to attend Officer Training at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Luckily the support and genuine friendship I found at PIKE really motivated me to make it work and I've had no regrets since. The men I befriended at PIKE have thoroughly pushed me to extend my limits and only then, when you push yourself beyond these barriers, are you able to grow. PIKE has been such a great experience for me because of the relationships I've made and will continue to make. We have an uncanny ability to attract genuine men and that is what attracted me. I can always rely on my fellow brothers to be there to help me when things are stressful with the Air Force and in return I will always be there for them to push them to be their best.


Jack Hamburg:        I joined PIKE in the fall of my sophomore year. I was first skeptical about joining because I wasn't sure if I had the time to get involved and use all the resources PIKE has to offer. Being on a Division 1 sports team; I had tennis as my main priority and didn't think that I could join. I had some great friends in PIKE already and decided to just go for it. Since joining, I don’t think I can look back and imagine my life without PIKE. I am extremely happy I joined. Even with my crazy tennis schedule, PIKE has helped my branch out of the tennis world and allowed to me experience great opportunities that tennis couldn't provide. The guys in PIKE become your brothers and your family. You will always have someone there for you to talk to and open up to about anything. Your brothers will support you down any road you choose to take and will motivate you to become your ideal self. The connections I have made in PIKE will be with me forever.