Giving Back

The remarkable generosity of our alumni, parents, and friends is evident throughout the growth of our fraternity since its return to campus.

This spirit of generosity has had a profound impact on the experience of each and every member of Beta Chi in these past few years. Our members flourish because of the superb learning experiences the fraternity provides to its members through opportunities made available from contributions.

Since its return to campus, Beta Chi has inspired both social and intellectual discovery and growth, while also cultivating in our members how to live in a community engaged in the world. Your support enables the fraternity to introduce these values to a new class of members each year. We thank you for your generous support of these ideals and of our shared vision for the fraternal experience we strive to provide.

We invite you to explore options that best suit your philanthropic intentions, and please contact me at if you would like more information or to discuss your individual circumstances.


Aashin Shah
Alumni Relations Chairman